A Special Team Of Mutants Is Assembled In X-Men #5

by James Ferguson

Artist R.B. Silva is reuniting with writer Jonathan Hickman for X-Men #5, due out later this month from Marvel Comics. The duo previously worked together on Powers of X so it’s only fitting that they’d pair up again for a story that will lead directly into Hickman’s future plans for the X-Men franchise.

With all of mutantkind united on Krakoa, any of them can be called upon to defend this new homeland. This is the case with X-Men #5 when X-23, Synch, and Darwin are called in by the Quiet Council for a dangerous mission that requires each of their unique abilities.
X-Men #5 is set for release on January 29th, 2020. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is Monday, January 6th, 2020.

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