Marvel’s Arkham Asylum Gets Its Own Series: Your First look At Ravencroft #1 By Tieri And Unzueta

by Olly MacNamee

Marvel’s answer to Arkham Asylum gets some love in a new series debuting Wednesday, January 29th from Marvel Comics. Following in from the recent Absolute Carnage event, we catch up with John Jameson as he seeks redemption within the concrete walls of this mental institution that houses many of Marvel’s most prolific criminals based on this first look at Ravencroft #1 by Frank Tieri and Angel Unzueta.

After the hellish horrors of Absolute Carnage, the Ravencroft Institute has received a much-needed facelift and is open for business with a new staff, including John Jameson, looking to atone for the part he played in Absolute Carnage. But will Ravencroft return the mentally unstable villains of the Marvel Universe to upstanding citizens and give John the redemption he’s looking for, or will they fall prey to the hospital’s seemingly sinister nature?

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