The Doctor Is Out: Preview Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #2 By David And Land

by Olly MacNamee

There’s nothing that pushes comic book fans buttons more than a heavy does of nostalgia. And, Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality has all bases covered. From the creative team of writer Peter David and artist Greg Land, to the very subject matter; Spidey and his black symbiotic suit, this book’s got it all. And, Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #2 is out this Wednesday 8th January from Marvel Comics with the menace of the Hobgoblin still a clear and present danger. Read on and check out our preview below:

THE MENACE OF HOBGOBLIN CONTINUES! • Peter Parker’s world is turned upside-down – but is it for the better?! What’s so different about this world that Spider-Man would want to stay? GUEST STARRING DOCTOR STRANGE!

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