Wonder Comics Crossover: Preview Young Justice #12 By Bendis, Timms And Eltaeb

by Olly MacNamee

Young Justice? The Wonder Twins? And, newcomer Naomi, all in one comic? This looks like a pretty great way to celebrate Wonder Comics success with this mini-crossover from Brian Michael Bendis with interior and cover art by John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb and out this Wednesday 8th January from DC Comics. Check out the unlettered preview pages from Young Justice #12 below before picking it up on your next visit to your local comic book store.

It’s an epic Wonder Comics crossover: Naomi, the Wonder Twins, and Young Justice all come together for the first time to confront the secrets behind the entire first year of the teen team’s series. Where did Connor Kent come from? Why does Bart Allen remember everyone but no one else does? How does it all connect to Jinny Hex’s trunk? It’s a Wonder Comics blockbuster!

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