Alan Moore Talks Punk Rock On The BBC

by Olly MacNamee

Now, there are two things I love above all others: comics and punk. So, imagine my surprise when is saw a new punk documentary, Chris Packham: Forever Punk, on the BBC this coming Friday night here in the UK. And, as the headliner revealed, it includes, amongst other talking heads, Alan Moore, who gives his take on why the world needs rebels, from one comicdom’s finest rebels.
Fronted by environmentalist and TV presenter, Chris Packham – a man who once smuggled in the titles of The Smiths songs into a programme he was presenting called Springwatch, back in 2009 – it’s a show that sees Packham discuss his own love affair with punk rock and how it may very well have saved his life.

Chris Packham, environmentalist and life-long punk, reveals how, as a teenager with undiagnosed Asperger’s, punk rock may have saved his life. By giving him a purpose, he was able to harness his creativity, which led to him becoming a TV presenter with a determination to champion wildlife.

For more information on this very personal and revelatory film, click here now.
You can check out Chris Packham: Forever Punk this 10th January 9.30pm on BBC4.

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