Captain Marvel’s Landmark Issue Gets BossLogic Variant Cover

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics has announced a special treat for March’s Captain Marvel #16 from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Lee Garbett. Not only is this the conclusion to the “Last Avenger” story arc, but it’s also the 150th issue of Captain Marvel. As such, the publisher has revealed a special BossLogic variant cover to honor the occasion.

Writer Kelly Thompson says:

It’s so great that the last issue of our “The Last Avenger” arc is the Legacy 150th issue of Captain Marvel because it’s an issue that really highlights how and why Carol is such an incredible hero. That she will go to any lengths to save the day…that she NEVER stays down no matter how deep and dark the odds…and that’s been in her since the beginning.

Captain Marvel #16 is set for release on March 18th, 2020.

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