Death From The South And North: Kill Whitey Donovan #2 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Hattie dreams of the first day Whitey Donovan’s father came to the plantation and separated Hattie from her mom. When she awakes, she finds that a pair of Confederate soldiers have joined she and Anna. Hattie attacks one of the rebels, but Anna calms her down. The four ride together until they reach the railroad tracks and Hattie picks up on the lies that Anna told the soldiers. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers sees through the lie and sends Hattie away. He sends the other soldier to kill Hattie.

Kill Whitey Donovan #2 cover by Jason Pearson
Kill Whitey Donovan #2 cover by Jason Pearson

Kill Whitey Donovan #2 finds Anna and Hattie getting drawn into the middle of the conflict between North and South as they draw closer to Atlanta. Sherman is in the middle of his march to the sea and Confederate soldiers are scrambling all over to join in the effort to stop him.
The relationship between Hattie and Anna continues to strain, as Anna’s plan requires Hattie to play the part of dumb and submissive slave–something she is definitely not. Despite that, there is still some bonding between the two as they make gestures that show genuine care for one another.
We still get some nice action scenes of Hattie striking back at her oppressors. She is far from helpless.
Natalie Barahona’s artwork gives the world a well-detailed and appealing aesthetic. The characters are expressive, and action is flowing and impactful. The interactions between Anna and Hattie are particularly evocative, as their emotions are vividly expressed in the visual work. Her color art is gorgeous as well. While many backgrounds aren’t given that much detailing, the color given to the scenery more than makes up for that. This is a vibrant and beautiful comic book.
Kill Whitey Donovan #2 is a strong continuation to the high-energy and tense first issue. We learn more about Hattie and get to watch her relationship with Anna develop as they face the cruel and domineering forces of the Confederacy and even the Union. It’s a damn solid comic and easily earns a recommendation. Check it out.
Kill Whitey Donovan #2 comes to us from writer Sydney Duncan, artist and variant cover artist Natalie Barahona, letterer Troy Peteri, cover artist Jason Pearson.
Final Score: 8/10

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