Joking With The Mistress Of The Dark In Elvira #11

by Benjamin Hall

This issue features a lot more jokes that will presumably hit with most readers than not. Also the jokes (plus the rest of this issue’s dialogue) is arguably some of writer David Avallone’s best work. Though the story does require a liking of long bits of fourth wall breaking and reading the summary page. Not to mention there are a few references that border on insulting, but in a style that is vaguely in the style of late comedian Don Rickles. Case in point the stinging barb of a reference to a certain director who many know for a certain trilogy. Yet, such barbs fit Elvira’s characterization and they may evoke the sound of her real life portrayer actress Cassandra Peterson‘s voice.

Speaking of characterization the interior visuals are much better in terms of the consistency of the characters’ designs. It is a vast difference from how issue 10 looks in comparison. However, artist Dave Acosta does have a few obvious visual cheats such as overly heavy shadows on characters in one or two panels. Yet, Acosta should get praise for the level of detail in the opening panels that show a good understanding of depth. Though there is a rather obvious box outline at one point in this issue it oddly works well with Acosta’s art and the wonderful color palette Walter Pereyra provides. Pereyra provides a good range of hues that readers do not see often in comics of this type.

The lettering by Taylor Esposito and Rienna Bates is simply marvelous. There are no mistakes and the sound effects are extraordinary in design, not to mention the placement of the sound effects and text really helps the pacing of this issue. Finally all the covers range from being great to just fine, though the photo cover is a little bit boring in background. Overall this is a great penultimate issue.

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