Marvel Realm of Champions: Armor Suits For All House Of Iron Residents

by Gary Catig

Since its announcement during NYCC, Marvel Realm of Champions has been releasing sneak peeks at their version of Battleworld to help build anticipation for its eventual release some time this year. Previously we’ve learned about the Peggy Carter lead Patriot Garrison and Doctor Strange’s Temple of Vishanti.
Now we know more about the Tony Starks inspired, House of Iron. Though the physical original may have passed on, his AI version, Stark Prime, remains to lead this house. Check out the backstory and teaser trailer below.
When Stark Tower was first forcefully brought to Battleworld by Maestro, it wasn’t as large an upset for Tony Stark as some might assume. Imprisonment and dire stakes are what first made Tony put hammer to metal and forge an Iron Man suit, and from this tragic situation, a new Age of Iron would rise. For a time, while The Battleworld was being forged by war…the House of Iron stood as a shining beacon of hope. Innovation and betterment were the only missions of this safe-haven. Enemies were faced on the battlefield, but many foes were turned to friends when shown the wonders of Stark Tech and the safety of dwelling in the Armored City.
Much time passed, and innovation allowed for surprisingly long life-spans. The aging Tony Stark grew more and more reclusive, often disappearing into Stark Tower or off on “Diplomatic missions” for months, if not years. Following a tragic accident during an Extremis experiment, which nearly levelled an entire territory, Stark Prime (the official AI simulacrum of Tony Stark) announced that automated protocols had been enacted and he would be acting CEO for the foreseeable future. Additionally, all Stark Technology suits’ OS shifted overnight from being J.A.R.V.I.S. assisted to Stark Prime monitored.
There remains a strong belief that all other Houses could be improved with the addition of Stark Technology. However, that technology comes with the price of Stark Prime as an ever-present failsafe. Sadly, not everyone has been open to the idea of a Stark on their shoulder. There is always hope that with time they will see the advantages of a world united under the banner of the House of Iron.

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