The End Of The Line In Trees: Three Fates #5

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead

Mik begins firing his gun at Kiara as she drives down the road. She jumps from the truck and finds cover. A shootout begins between the two, one that Kiara barely survives. All of this leads back to Nina at the train station. Kiara goes to the station to confront Nina about all of this. After this, Kiara has one last conversation with Sasha as she decides if she needs to leave Toska forever.

Trees: Three Fates #5 cover by Jason Howard
Trees: Three Fates #5 cover by Jason Howard

Trees: Three Fates #5 concludes this volume of the Trees saga, with Kiara finding out that Nina has turned almost all of Toska’s police against Kiara. As many things do (especially when they’re written by the great Warren Ellis), this all ends quite violently.

There is very little dialogue in most of the comic. Kiara’s showdown with Mik leads to a long, slow journey back to the train station for Kiara. Jason Howard really shines here, giving us the cold and oppressive environment that surrounds this small town seemingly bearing down on Kiara as she draws near the final showdown with Nina.

The confrontation with Nina is quite fantastic. We learn the mystery behind the inciting murder of this tale and why Nina orchestrated it. There is a moment where you’re left to wonder how Kiara will handle this before we learn the kind of person she really is.

As already stated, Howard’s artwork on this issue is, once again, gorgeous. His work on the shootout between Kiara and Mik is particularly brilliant. The aforementioned environmental work is breathtaking and the dark and ominous confrontation with Nina is downright gripping in its stylism. The color art, with flatting work from Dee Cunniffe, is also fantastic, striking the perfect atmosphere for this cold and dreary murder mystery.

Trees: Three Fates #5 brings this volume to an ending both incredibly violent and understated. We learn the kind of person Kiara is in how she deals with Nina and we get to see one last heartfelt conversation with Sasha. It’s a comic both brutal and beautiful and it earns a strong recommendation. Give it a read.

One last note: I shy from sharing much personal information on Comicon. That said, I went through a pretty hard break-up a couple of months ago, and the line, “I never stopped loving you. I was just shit at it,” resonated with something pretty deep in me. It’s a strangely beautiful sentiment.

Trees: Three Fates #5 comes to us from writer Warren Ellis, artist and cover artist Jason Howard, color flatter Dee Cunniffe, and letters from Fonografiks.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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