Advance Review: Godkillers #1 Is A Moody, Military Horror Of Lovecraftian Scale

by Olly MacNamee

For your third and final advance review fo the day, I give you Godkillers #1 by writer Mark Sable (Supergir) with artist Maan House, colorist, Hernan Cabrera and letterer, Thomas Mauer, coming out February 19th from AfterShock. A combination of real life military might mixed in with a good dose of myth, legend and fairy tale too.
In the opening pages we are introduced to the very real-life scenario of foreign conflict in Raqqa, Syria and an American outfit of soldiers who come across a fabled mystical talisman used by King Solomon to control djinns in order to build a temple in Jerusalem. A soldier who is the only survivor in the proceeding ambush by terrorist forces and, in his civilian day job, taught folklore.

And, even as we fast forward six months and another military outfit, the tone of this fascinating book is set. One part Blackhawk Down and another part H P Lovecraft, the surviving soldier, Arab-American Abdul Alhazred is reeked to now be part of a black ops team that are assigned to take down the things that go bump in the night as self-proclaimed godkillers. And, in some cases, somewhat anti-Islamic too. Not a great mix ever, but especially when most of your missions take you directly into the heart of Muslim countries. But, this is a book that seems to want to reflect real life as closely as possible and I dare say such feelings can be rife amongst armed force members, so why shy away from this? Although, while out main character is Arabic, he is atheist. Still, worth the inclusion given the feelings of at least one other character in this issue.
Hunting down the cause of an infection killing off people in the Philippines, we are introduced to the other members of the team and, in several flashbacks, we are also teased some of their individual backstory too. And, if they can take out some ISIS scum in the process, then all the better.

Sustaining this dark, shady business is the suitably dark artwork by House and colors by Cabrera that give this book it’s gloomy tone. And, rightly so, given that while this will be a book that throws mythological monsters into real-world situations that are already nightmares to live through, making this book a very gripping read from start to finish.
With the main players introduced and some fleshed out, even after one issue, we are now set up for the main event and a chance for these diverse soldiers from different walks of life to live up to their name as godkillers. Let’s hope they’ve got what it takes, given what they witness on the last page.
Godkillers #1 will be out February 19th from AfterShock

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