Cartoon Fans Rejoice Disney’s ‘The Owl House’ Exceeds Expectations

by Tito W. James


The Owl House created by Dana Terrace (Gravity Falls) has been one of the most highly anticipated cartoons of the new decade. Even before it’s premier the show spawned it’s own dedicated group of cosplayers, fan-artists, and fan-theorists.

After viewing the first episode I can confirm that the show lives up to the hype. The Owl House continues the tradition of sharp humor, weird monsters, and grounded character relationships that won over audiences in Gravity Falls. Yet, The Owl House manages to differentiate itself from the creator’s previous work be delivering a world that is both high-concept and intimately character focused.

The comedic dynamic between the lost girl Luz, the witch Eda, and the adorable demon King, is polished and effortless. Overall the cartoon manages to deliver adventure, humor, and heart without ever feeling watered down. And that might be the biggest magic trick of all!

You can watch The Owl House right now on the Disney Channel.

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