Pre-Register For Mobile Game, Magic: ManaStrike, And Receive Great Perks

by Gary Catig

Shortly before the G-Star Tradeshow, developer, Netmarble Monster Studio, and Wizards of the Coast announced they would be working together on a new mobile game entitled, Magic: ManaStrike. Now pre-registration is up and players can receive many perks if they sign up now.
Not only will those who register be kept up to date with latest news and notifications when it launches, there other nice benefits. After the game is released and the tutorial is completed, you can receive additional gold (in-game currency), gems (premium currency), one Player icon and five emoji themed after Magic: The Gathering’s iconic Plainswalkers.
The premise follows Magic: The Gathering’s strongest villain, Nicol Bolas, who creates a parallel universe and enlists players to provide combat data on all the Plainswalkers so he can learn to defeat them. ManaStrike offers tactical and strategic card-based gameplay with high quality 3-D animations.
Though pre-registration is up, there is no official release date. Check out the first official teaser below.

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