Gold Vs Cold: Preview The Flash #86 From Williamson, Sandoval And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

The Flash #86 speeds into stores this Wednesday 15th January from writer Joshua Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordie Tarragona, Arif Prianto and Steve Wands with the concussing part to the curet storyline, Rogues’ Reign. Captain Cold has always been defeated at the hands of The Flash, from day one. But, with his newfound powers, provided by Lex Luthor, has he finally got what it takes to beat the world’s fastest man? But, has he planned for  his sister, the Golden Glider, to side with his enemy?

The Flash battles Captain Cold for the last time! The Rogues’ Reign is a brutal battle for power over Central City, but the tides are turning and the reign approaches a deadly end! With the Speed Force in chaos, can Glider help channel Flash’s powers long enough to overthrow her brother, Captain Cold?

For now, here’s a preview of the issue. And, it’s not the only preview to feature a speedster today, either.

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