Unspeakable Horrors And Mind-Blowing Revelations In Gideon Falls #20

by Brendan M. Allen

“The Pentoculus,” Part Four
Safe to say that in Gideon Falls, when you find a deep, dark lake, it’s best not to drink the water. Angie and Norton learn the hard way.

In Gideon Falls #20, everything is finally (FINALLY!) coming together. Danny is starting to come around to who he really is and what he needs to do. The Ploughmen are starting to cobble together a plan to fight the Smiling Man and the Black Barn. Father Fred and Angie are, well, they appear to be running like hell from giant monstrous cockroaches and waterlogged zombies.
Jeff Lemire has been keeping at least three different timelines and threads separate for almost two years. And finally, it’s here. The moment of knowledge. All the major players are in on what’s going on, and… they’re still probably screwed. This Black Barn thing has been around for a minute. It’ll likely take more than a few guns and a couple blocks of C-4 to take that sucker down.

The art of Gideon Falls is… unique to Gideon Falls. Andrea Sorrentino and Dave Stewart have, since the very first page of the very first chapter, delivered some of the most terrifying and dynamic imagery in modern comics. There are only so many ways I can say it. This is a beautiful book. Beautiful and horrifying. 
Gideon Falls has been the very definition of a slow burn, for all the right reasons. The tension has been steadily building for the last nineteen chapters, and this keg is finally about to blow. Stay tuned.

Gideon Falls #20, Image Comics, released 08 January 2020. Created by Jeff Lemire (script) and Andrea Sorrentino (art), color by Dave Stewart, letters and design by Steve Wands, variant cover by Gabriel Ba, edited by Will Dennis.

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