Vault Lines: Vault Comics Announce Their Newest Publishing Initiative

by Olly MacNamee

Continuing to experiment with new ways to repackage some of their more popular titles, Vault Comics have just announced their newest initiative in Vault Lines, with The Plot #1 being the first book to get this treatment. But, what is this new treatment, I hear you all shout out at once.
Well, Vault Lines aims to reprint books in black and white – to show off the line art of artists such as The Plot’s Josh Hixson – and on heavier weighing ‘deluxe’ paper too. But why begin with The Plot #1? Here’s Tim Daniel, Vault’s VP of Branding and Design, to throw some light on the matter:

Very early on we discussed publishing The Plotin black and white. Jordan Boyd signed on and you don’t say no to Jordan’s colors! However, we’re very gratified that readers get to see Josh’s work in The Plot as a Vault Lines Special Edition. Everyone seems to agree that doing horror in comics is hard, yet Josh has made it genuinely terrifying.

The Plot #1 Vault Lines Special Edition will be available on February 12th and look out for more Vault Lines Special editions coming up across the year.

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