Lex Unveils His Post-Crisis World In A Preview Of Sunday’s Supergirl

by Erik Amaya

Lena (Katie McGrath) wakes up on Earth-Prime, but remembers everything. Or, at the very least, remembers she shot Lex (Jon Cryer) last season. And as this preview for the next episode of Supergirl indicates, Lex’s Post-Crisis reality is great for him and … dubious for everyone else. Will Kara (Melissa Benoist) be able to sway her team away from treating Lex like a hero? And will the returns of Toyman-esque bombs mean Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is on his way back from the future?

As Supergirl is one of the series most changed by the Crisis, it will be interesting to see those alterations get fleshed out going forward. Lex’s good-standing cannot be the only change. Will the threat Winn went to the 31st Century to face still exist? Will the Legion be wholly different now that the previous Earths (and their futures) merged into this on Prime situation?
Certainly, some of these questions will be addressed, but we imagine Leviathan will be big on Kara’s to-do list.
Supergirl returns Sunday on The CW.

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