The Team Gets Ready To Fight History’s Greatest Monsters In A Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 Preview

by Erik Amaya

We’re less than a week from Legends of Tomorrow returning to our screens and we could not be happier. Everything has changed for the group since most of them sat out the Crisis — but that hardly matters to the Legends, right? Instead, the team will be taking on history’s greatest monsters as they are unleashed from Hell. The monsters, not the Legends. Will the be able to rehabilitate some of them or will they return people like Rasputin back to their infernal hereafter?

Also, you might notice a new face within the group — even if it seems like he’s always been there. Shayan Sobhian plays Behrad, Zari’s (Tala Ashe) brother who was very dead in the old timeline. Thanks to their antics last year, Behrad stayed alive and kept the air totem while Zari went on to become a very different person. It remains to be seen how long Behrad will be with the group, but the trailer suggests Zari — no matter her persona — will always be a Legend.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns Tuesday on The CW.

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