The Truth Of Everything In Midnight Vista #5

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Barker has made his beliefs clear to Oliver and it frightens him. Oliver, understandably, thinks Barker is a crank, but Barker also tells Oliver that he believes his story because the same thing happened to him. Plus, Barker thinks he can help Oliver remember his time with the aliens. Oliver humors Barker, and, to his surprise, Barker’s technique helps Oliver remember why he was sent back to Earth. Next, Barker thinks he can help Oliver contact the aliens. Meanwhile, Detective Aldo continues his search for Oliver and Aldo knows that he’s somewhere in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Men in Black are tailing Aldo and intend to use him to find Oliver first.

Midnight Vista #5 cover by Juan Doe
Midnight Vista #5 cover by Juan Doe

Midnight Vista #5 brings the first volume of this series to a shocking and surprisingly grim ending. Barker lays his cards on the table and Oliver has no choice but to believe that this cult leader can help him reach the aliens again. 
The dynamic between Oliver and Raj Barker is quite interesting. Oliver is still quite immature in a lot of ways, but even he picks up on the fact that Barker’s church is off. That said, Barker is the first person outside of Oliver’s own mother that believes Oliver’s story and what he says about the aliens doesn’t sound any more nonsensical than what Oliver himself experienced.
That said, there is a sinister element to Barker and his church, and it takes a shocking turn before the comic concludes.
Detective Aldo comes into his own as an enjoyable character in this issue. He isn’t fleshed out a lot and the comic almost trips over itself in trying to give him some backstory at the last minute. However, he’s given enough of a personality so that you can engage with him.
The ending is both crazy and a bit ambiguous. You are left to wonder just how correct Barker was all along.
Midnight Vista #5 art by Clara Meath, Mark Englert, and letterer Taylor Esposito
Midnight Vista #5 art by Clara Meath, Mark Englert, and letterer Taylor Esposito

Clara Meath once again gives the book a good treatment, making sure the comic has both texture and emotion. The eyes continue to be expressive and one of the most striking parts of the comic. Mark Englert’s vibrant color art and injects a lot of additional life into the visuals. 
Midnight Vista #5 concludes this first story of the series with a wild and grabbing conclusion that leaves you wondering what actually happened to Oliver all those years ago and what will happen to him next. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Midnight Vista #5 comes to us from writer Eliot Rahal, artist Clara Meath, color artist Mark Englert, letterer Taylor Esposito, and cover artist Juan Doe.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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