Super Sunday (Part 3): Your First Look At Wonder Woman Dead Earth #2 From DC Black Label

by Olly MacNamee

Next up on this Super Sunday of celebrating female focussed comic books we have a first look at Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 from  Daniel Warren Johnson with colors by Mike Spicer and lettering by Rus Wooton..
Personally, I think it’s about time you in the Colonies woke up to the bande dessinée tradition of European publishing and I think it’s the right move for any comic book company looking at how to save the industry. Maybe publishing a well selected range of mini-series across the year focussed on their large range of characters and set out of DC continuity is the way to go? If the quality is maintained that is. And, other than the odd hiccup (arguably, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s Superman: Year One could just have easily come out as a regular format comic book as Romita’s style just doesn’t really hold up when blown up to the size of a DC Black label book) I’d say DC Black Label has been something of a groundbreaking imprint.

Determined to give the remnants of humanity refuge on the shores of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s hopes are dashed when she finds the island paradise a shadow of its former self, with her Amazon sisters long gone and something unimaginable in their place.


Wonder Woman Dead Earth #2 will be out February 19th from DC Comics/Black Label

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