Super Sunday (Part 1): Preview Excalibur #6 From Howard And To

by Olly MacNamee

It’s another ‘Super Sunday’ here at comicon HQ and so, this week, we’d draw your attention to some female focussed comics coming out next week with the first up to bat being Excalibur #6 from Marvel Comics and the newest Captain Britain, Bestsy Braddock who continues to settle into her new role as Captain Britain in Excalibur #6 by Tini Howard and Marcus To, as she leads her team against Morgan Le Fey and her hordes in the Otherworld in this preview below. May the best woman win!

The Secret of Rogue’s Coffin!
Locked in her mysterious coffin, Rogue dreams. Meanwhile, Apocalypse performs a ritual, and the throne of power changes hands. The reign of mutantkind reaches the Otherworld at last.

Excalibur #6 is out on Wednesday 22nd January from Marvel

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