Pinko Joe Mines Vintage Comics For Social Justice Narrative

by James Ferguson

Argle Bargle Books has something old and something new in store for you with Christopher Sperandio’s Pinko Joe. The super anti-hero wage-slave from another planet battles to save earthlings from gun-toting corporate raiders and out-of-control oligarchs. The book is made of old public domain comics, re-inked and lettered.

Sperandio says:

It came to me that ‘50 comics were perfectly suited to the true crime story of today–the seemingly inexorable destruction of our democracy by vested corporate interests.  So, once I had my subject, I combed through thousands and thousands of issues, selecting pages from disparate genres–crime, science fiction, horror and romance—and linked them together visually.

All 96 pages feature new dialogue as Sperandio created a whole new story based on the existing layouts and characters. He describes it as a “hellishly painstaking production process” which is understandable given the sheer amount of content to sift through. He tried to used complete stories, interfering as little as possible with the found material. Sperandio even went as far as reproducing the poor printing quality from comics back in the day.

Pinko Joe features a casebound cover, bundling floppy, news print-like pages into three 32-page chapters. It’s actually the first of a trilogy of books called the Forced Collaboration Trilogy since the artists have no option but to work with Sperandio in this case. It will be followed by Greenie Josephinie and Red White and U Blew It All 2 Hell.
Pinko Joe is set for release on April 10th, 2020.

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