Review: Jimmy Olsen #7 Gets Closer To Answers And Further From The Truth

by Tony Thornley

Over halfway through this adventure, and Superman’s pal is no closer to answers in Jimmy Olsen #7. However, this latest issue might put him a lot closer than he expected…

Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles explore some unexpected corners of their protagonist’s life.

Jimmy and Janie try to find him a new home, hoping that it will get him ahead of the person who wants to kill him. Meanwhile, through a series of flashbacks we learn so much more of Jimmy’s life. And the clues to the killer may rest in that past…

I always think that a story has to do one of two things to be satisfying. It either needs to significantly advance the plot, or significantly advance the characters. This issue does very little with the former- there’s virtually no plot. However, there’s an immense amount of character work in Fraction’s script, probably more than Jimmy’s ever gotten before. It’s done with both humor and heart as well, ending up with perhaps the best issue of the series so far.

Lieber and Fairbairn’s art remains one of the best examples of storytelling in current comics. While they continue their impeccable comedic timing, Lieber also has a chance to show off his skill by switching style. He homages Calvin and Hobbes without directly mimicking it, which allows Fraction’s story to shine through, particularly with the point he intends to make with those particular vignettes.

It comes together to an incredibly fun issue that dives deeply into Jimmy Olsen and builds up a supporting cast that we have hardly seen before. It points towards a solution to the mystery without solving it, and it’s done in a perfect synthesis of writing and art.

Jimmy Olsen continues to be one of the most reliably good reads every month. I’m excited to see where it goes next.

Jimmy Olsen #7 is available now from DC Comics.

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