Your First Look At New DCU Villain Paradox In The Flash #88 By Williamson, Porter And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

The Flash #88 is to introduce readers to an all new villain, Paradox, into Barry Allen’s’ already hectic life. We get a glimpse at this behemoth in the preview below, but all we know for now is that he was a scientist and family man before events of The Flash: Year One affected him greatly. Greatly enough to turn him into a super villain. Here’s The Flash writer, Joshua Williamson to reveal that the plan for Paradox’s birth had been planned in a previous book from 2018 :

Howard Porter and I created and planted the seeds of Flash’s new deadly and powerful villain way back in The Flash Annual in 2018. Paradox wants revenge on the Flash legacy! Howard killed it in this Paradox origin issue in The Flash #88!

Always a pleasure to see Porter on any book, but as a regular reader of The Flash, I’ve been delighted not only at his artwork but at all the artists who have been involved with this stellar series since its Rebirth relaunch. Now, check out his equally stellar interiors for The Flash #88 out February 12th from DC Comics.

Witness the birth of Paradox! As a hero, the Flash helps as many people as he possibly can…but Paradox shows what happens when ordinary people pay the price for super-powered battles royal. What started as a happy life of family and science turned into a nightmare when the Turtle’s attack on Central City rained down from the future—and now the story of the civilians caught in the crossfire will change the Flash’s life forever!

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