The First Blood Drenched Arc Wraps Up In Dead Eyes #4

by Brendan M. Allen

Dead Eyes’ secret identity gets a little less secret as the mafia situation comes to a head and he finds a brutal new enemy in Boston’s finest.

In Dead Eyes #4, our buddy Martin Dobbs is following up on the lead he picked up from a dying mafia capo in the last chapter. Turns out, the dude was telling the truth. Martin and Megan may be able to dig themselves out of medical debt after all. And maybe the mob comes crashing down on Dead Eyes after he leaves a little DNA laying around. Also, that round headed cop seems pretty shady. Things are simultaneously coming together and completely unraveling. 

Gerry Duggan has a dark, twisty sense of humor and I love it. As many things go right for Marty in this chapter, so many things go horribly, hilariously, violently wrong. The heist is perfect…until it isn’t. Dismemberment and blood, and a steaming pile of dog shit in the middle of the floor. But also, a huge pile of money.

John McCrea busts out those innovative action sequences again in this installment. Karate man attacks burglar in his home who is holding a plugged in circular saw. Someone’s losing some fleshy bits and some body fluids. Karate man’s boyfriend gets involved. Pain. Lots of pain.

I’ve called Dead Eyes a violent, pulpy noir that leans into mafia and antihero tropes. It’s definitely that, but then it’s also a very sweet love story and a buddy picture. And it’s freaking hilarious. Martin Dobbs seriously can’t catch a break. Like, at all. As seasoned as the dude is, he keeps getting tripped up in ways that will definitely come back around to bite him in the ass.

Dead Eyes #4, Image Comics, 15 January 2020. Written by Gerry Duggan, art by John McCrea, color by Mike Spicer, letters by Joe Sabino, edited by Will Dennis, covers by John McCrea and Nic Vas, logo by Drew Gill.

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