Chris Weston Vamps It Up On The Cover Of Black Max Volume Two

by Richard Bruton

Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics released their list of forthcoming titles just the other day, but there’s already more news over one of those titles… with Chris Weston‘s incredible new cover for Black Max Volume 2.

War, Vamps, giant bats; perfect for the Weston treatment really.

The cover, coloured by Dylan Teague, will be out on the second collection of Black Max.

It’s a character we’re seeing plenty of recently, not just in these reprint collections, but also featuring in new strips in the last couple of Scream & Misty Specials and the last Fiends of the Eastern Front in 2000 AD.

It’s one of those classic Brit strips, mixing war and horror, appearing in the pages of Thunder and Lion back in the 70s.

Baron Maximilien Von Klorr is the Black Max, fighting in World War I and aided by two huge mutated bats… just the sort of fantastical sort of thing we’ve come to expect by now from these Treasury reprints.

Volume One was mere introduction to this world, as created by writer Frank Pepper and artist Eric Bradbury, joined by Spanish artist Alfonso Font for Black Max Volume Two, where the delights include a giant albino bat attacking London.

You can get hold of Black Max Volume 2 in October – just look out for the Weston cover!

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