It All Ends In A Preview Of Arrow’s Series Finale

by Erik Amaya

The Crisis may be over, but there is one last thing the heroes of Earth-Prime must do — pay their final respects to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). And as this preview of the Arrow series finale reveals … well, it doesn’t reveal much. Next Tuesday will be devoted to Arrow with a one-hour retrospective special and the series finale, which may revolve around Oliver’s afterlife if Diggle’s (David Ramsey) words in the preview mean anything.

But this week’s Arrow left us with a glimpse of the Queen future in “Green Arrow and the Canaries.” The backdoor pilot established a new status quo for Star City 2040. After 20 years of crime-free peace, violence has returned with a mysterious figure sowing discontent and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) hopping into the future to prevent Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara) from failing her city. Along for the ride are Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) — who has found herself cast out of her time and all living memory — and a few other familiar 2040 faces like William (Ben Lewis), Zoe (Andrea Sixtos), Connor (Joseph David Jones) and J.J. (Charlie Barnett). Their new lives might be (mostly) carefree, but something wants them to remember the other 2040 and it will be up to Green Arrow and the Canaries to prevent a catastrophe.
The premise is interesting, but may need some work. They key thing though — the rapport between McNamara, Cassidy, and Harkavy — is pretty solid; particularly between Cassidy and Harkavy. Also, as we’ve said for sometime now, we like Oliver’s children bouncing off of each other and while J.J. and Connor are a little underdeveloped, we’d love to see how Diggle and Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) still managed to let down one of their children. And since things are so different in this 2040, you have to wonder where Sara Diggle might be.
Since Arrow ran out of time to finish the 2040 story, we’d welcome at least 13 episodes of Green Arrow and the Canaries to address these ideas. And maybe a shorter episode order would help it last. Like the later seasons of Arrow, we imagine this series would strain with 22 episodes a year, but hopefully The CW will see the program has promise as a shorter-run series.
Arrow airs one last time next week.

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