Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns February 21

by Erik Amaya

Just when you thought Star Wars was on break, Disney+ announced Wednesday morning that the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will debut on the service February 21st. And if this trailer is anything to go by, the series’ final episodes bring it right up to the fall of the Republic.

Ooh, but what dazzling teases contained within.
Maul is still trying to worm his way back into the plan, the Jedi are finally sensing the plot against them, and Ahsoka tries to find a new life away from the Order. Will she be able to establish herself before the galaxy falls to the sway of Darth Sidious?
The season is something of a victory lap for fans of the series and co-creator Dave Filoni. After Disney bought Lucasfilm, Clone Wars‘ future became cloudy. First it was cancelled, then revived for extra episodes during a Netflix run, and then shelved again as Filoni and his team were tasked with a Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels. That series turned out to be a huge success and led Filoni back to Clone Wars while also directing episodes of The Mandalorian and developing Star Wars: Resistance.
But this was the story nearest and dearest to him and it is finally time to see it end. Based on the wording Disney+ is using, Clone Wars will debut new episodes weekly; giving all of us time to savor the show.
And if it proves successful by the platform’s metrics, maybe Filoni can return to the other Ahsoka story fans want to see.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars debuts February 21st on Disney+.

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