The X-Men Get Sidekicks In April’s Children Of The Atom

by James Ferguson

Dawn of X has been an explosion of new ideas for the X-Men and we have not seen the last of them yet. So many new series are spinning out of the monumental House of X and Powers of X. Marvel Comics has announced another title joining the fray this April with Children of the Atom. Written by Vita Ayala and illustrated by Bernard Chang, the comic is a team book featuring a new squad of heroes that will turn the X-Men’s world upside down. We don’t know much about the cast or their origins, but it’s pretty clear where they draw inspiration from.

Writer Vita Ayala says:

The initial seed of the idea actually came from [Editor] Chris Robinson: What if the X-Men had sidekicks? MY take on it became, what would actual kids from our current time be like, if they were X-Men sidekicks? What would Gen Z X-Men be like?

I love this idea so much. While I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the classic X-Men, I love seeing new characters and how they interact with the originals and the Marvel Universe as a whole. The X-Men have a great tradition of introducing new mutants and raising them up to be big deals so I can’t wait to see what this title has in store for us.

Ayala added:

I have never known a world without mutants and the X-Men, and to be able to create characters that would become part of the canon is WILD. I love them very much. Bernard, Chris and I have worked so hard on them, and I was practically itching to let them out into the world so others could love them too. What makes the new cast special to me is that they are reflective of a lot of people I know who look up to what the X-Men stand for, and have taken it upon themselves to further those ideals. These kids are exactly the kids who, in real life, have posters of Storm and Wolverine in their rooms, who grew up seeing them as heroes and want to live up to that.

Children of the Atom kicks off in April 2020. The first issue features a cover by R.B. Silva with colors by Jesus Aburtov.

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