Why You Need To Watch Coffin Princess

by Tito W. James


With so many anime coming out every season it can be easy to miss a stellar show. This winter I stumbled upon Coffin Princess, which is a hidden gem more people need to watch.

Much like Murder Princess (also underrated), Coffin Princess takes place in a fantasy world that blends technology and magic. The main character, Chaika, is a Gothic Lolita wielding a sniper rifle that shoots magic. Chaika also carries a coffin containing the body parts of her departed wizard father.

The story plays out like a Jason Bourne film, with Chaika trying to recover her memories while simultaneously uncovering a labyrinthian conspiracy. There are heists, double crosses, and secret missions. This anime has invented it own genre that I’ll call “Black Ops Fantasy.”

The use of espionage in a fantasy world makes each episode more fast paced and exciting. The mixture between magical and SciFi weaponry adds a unique design esthetic to the world and its characters.

So if you’re in the mood for a truly original fantasy world and an epic story worthy of Akame Ga Kill and Fate Zero, then check out Coffin Princess.

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