Fresher Feelings With I Can Sell You A Body #2

by Benjamin Hall

This second issue of I Can Sell You A Body shows some improvement over the first issue. One such improvement is the main character starting to have some relatable moments. Though this is not to say that he is a likable protagonist or even a heroic individual. It is just that he has moments that add dimensions to his characterization that one can possibly relate to. Another improvement is that this issue has the illusion of more backgrounds due to the choice in locales and some of the coloring of these locales. There are even jokes that land due to either reading the previous issue or because of they are truthful. Not to mention the colors are more notable and the lettering is slightly better in placement.

Despite the improvements there are areas that still display creative flaws. The first of which occurs with the additional set-up that second (and sometimes third issues) provide. To be specific, the introduction of more obstacles in the form of three new characters faces a hindrance in the form of the first new character, meaning that the series’ creators may be trying to set-up a sequel to this four issue story with the character in question. Though this also could just be the creators establishing a way to conclude the entire story without falling into a deus ex machina. However, both possibilities are purely speculation at this point.

As for other flaws, there are still quite obvious bits of overusing shadows to obscure things at the wrong point in time. An example of this is during the scene involving the other two new characters. Their introduction occurs complete with names and faces and yet a few panels later, there are shadows obscuring them. Though it can be said that the shadows are useful  in certain scenes in order to help set moods, or draw attention to the more supernatural elements. In conclusion, this issue is fresher in feel than the first and definitely worth at least a glance.

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