Star Trek Deep Space Nine Returns To Comics For The First Time In Over A Decade

by Olly MacNamee

IDW are about to bring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back to comics for the first time in over a decade, And it’s something of a tribute too, as it focusses attention on the team’s shapeshifter, Constable Odo, played by the recent deceased and much loved by fans actor René Auberjonois.
Written by Star Trek writing alumni David Tipton and Scott Tipton and illustrated by Greg Scott, David laid out what Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice will be all about:

Set during the most difficult hours of the Dominion War, Too Long a Sacrifice shows the station during trying times: a series of mysterious and seemingly unsolvable terrorist attacks just as the war has everyone strained to the breaking point. We’ll get to see the darker side of life on the station as Odo leads the investigation, with increasingly desperate conditions forcing him and others to deal with new and unexpected allies and to use unusual tactics in their efforts to stop the attacks.

Expect the first issue of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice beaming down this April from IDW.

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