Kate Faces A Choice Of Beths On The Next Episode Of Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

Batwoman is taking a two week break, but when it returns on February 16th, Kate (Ruby Rose) discovers Earth-Prime cannot abide two Beth Kanes (Rachel Skarsten). And just as Beth and Alice meet, they learn one must die for the other to live. It’s sort of a Harry Potter problem, but there’s definitely a victory state for Batwoman. Meanwhile, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the Crows get ready to hunt Alice down. Will they find Beth by mistake?

Meanwhile, we have to admit we really like Skarsten as the well-adjusted Beth. We feared she might vanish entirely during the birthday celebration, so we’ll accept the headaches if it means another week with her. But returning to Skarsten’s performance, it was interesting to see the little flashes of similarity between Beth and Alice and the ways Beth’s quirks would’ve blossomed under different circumstances. Like Mary (Nicole Kang), we definitely see why the loss of Beth was such a wound for Kate. We’d also like Beth to stick around for awhile as she fits in with the emerging Team Batwoman. Granted, we still need Mary to learn Batwoman is Kate for the team to properly start, but scenes like the birthday party definitely suggest the dynamic is waiting to properly emerge.
We also appreciate seeing the rest of Alice’s story and the moment she disassociated as a child. It strengthens the notion that a Beth does indeed exist within her, but it seems unlikely Kate will be able to find her under all of the mechanisms Alice created to protect herself.
And, as we’ve said before, Alice is the show’s strength so by exploring her to the fullest — and adding a parallel version of her — the series gets the most out of her presence. But we imagine Alice will be exhausted by the end of the season and new antagonist will be required next year. Maybe they can keep getting the extra Ikea parts from the old multiverse. It seems to work well.
Batwoman returns February 16th.

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