Trotters Under The Table: Preview Spider-Ham #2 By Wells, Robson And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

Seems Peter Porker, is making himself very much at home in the 616. A bit too cozy for one swinging batchelor’s liking as Spider-Ham gets his trotters well and truly under the table, as you’ll see in this preview of The Spectacular Spider-Ham #2 from Zeb Wells and Will Robson. Out Wednesday 29th January from Marvel.

Zeb Wells and Will Robson, authors of your favorite comic book of the year – SPIDER-HAM #1 – reunite for the series’ stunning SECOND ISSUE! But what threat could be so dangerous – so DEADLY – that it imperils the Marvel Multiverse’s porcine protector… even with his cartoonish resistance to injury?!

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