Riverdale Picks Hedwig And The Angry Inch For Its Yearly Musical

by Erik Amaya

It may have been sometime since we looked in on Riverdale, but the yearly announcement of Kevin Keller’s musical production is always cause to take notice. According to EW, Kevin Keller’s (Casey Cott) plans for a variety show in lieu of a full musical are stymied when Principal Honey (Kerr Smith) bans a song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. In response, the Riverdale High students decide to switch all of their acts to songs from the musical. Will it lead to the same sort of trouble Kevin’s productions tend to garner or will Hedwig be the musical everyone — even murderers and cultists — can agree on?
Although, it should be said, Heathers went over pretty well with the Farmies last year. It was certainly a better reception than the murder which closed Carrie: The Musical two years ago.
“We wanted to try something different,” Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said in a statement. “When we heard that [composer] Stephen Trask was a fan of Riverdale, we thought, ‘is there a way we can do Hedwig and still have it tie into the stories we’re telling?’ Doing a deep dive, we figured out a cool way to use classic songs like ‘Wicked Little Town’ and ‘Midnight Radio’ that made total sense and are just amazing and iconic. And bonus, Hedwig is literally Cole [Sprouse]’s favorite musical!” EW suggests it may entice the actor to be part of the musical for once, but we’ll believe it when we hear it.
The musical episode of Riverdale airs April 8th on The CW.

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