The Markovians Finally Enter The Frame In A Preview Of The Next Black Lightning

by Erik Amaya

After Odell’s (Bill Duke) constant warnings of the Markovian threat for almost two years, operatives of the hostile nation are finally up to some actual no good. And in this preview of next week’s Black Lightning, Jefferson (Cress Williams) and the rest of the Pierces ally with the ASA once again to recover Lynn (Christine Adams) from the Markovian base near Freeland. Will Black Lightning and the ASA be able to put aside their differences long enough to actually deal with the threat or will tensions lead to another extension of the metahuman arms race?

Considering Lala (William Catlett) and Lady Eve’s (Jill Scott) returns to the show this week, it is entirely possible the Markovian issue and the occupation may be over in a few episodes. Though Lala reformed the 100 as an anti-ASA group, he’s still making a profit and perceives Eve’s operation as one owning him some money. She’s willing to make a deal, but you have to wonder how long she’ll accept that.
And as we mentioned when Scott was first cast so long ago, Eve has ties to the Kobra cult, which has yet to appear on the show. Oh, and since we’re considering DC Comics deep pulls, has Lynn built the underlying mechanics of the H-Dial with her power-transference formula? She could potentially trade that to the Markovians for her release. Or, maybe, Doctor Jace (Jennifer Riker) will improve on the formula to make the H-Dial a hot commodity across the world.
Also, as we’ve long been waiting for a true Markovian antagonist, we couldn’t help but notice Brandon (Jahking Guillory) nearly named himself “Geo-Force.” If he takes the name, it opens up the possibility for Brion Markov to emerge as a villain on Earth-Prime. But it also suggests Brandon may himself be a member of the royal family. Both are interesting ideas we hope the other shows can utilize at some point even if the Markovian threat is neutralized soon.
Black Lightning airs Mondays on The CW.

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