Magic: ManaStrike Globally Launched And Available Now

by Gary Catig

For the past few months, developer, Netmarble, has been teasing their latest mobile game, Magic: ManaStrike. Despite all the announcements, there was never a clear release date. Fans no longer have to wait as the title has globally launched and is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.
The easy to learn game is fast-paced and provides dynamic real-time battles with anyone around the globe in three-minute matches. Players summon units, cast spells and command powerful Planeswalkers via simple tap and drag gameplay. The classic Magic: The Gathering game is reimagined through high quality 3-D representations of the cards. By increasing your card collection from Magic’s five different Mana colors – Red, Blue, Green, Black and White, users can familiarize themselves with each color’s traits and develop appropriate strategies while battling opponents.
Eugen Evans, VP of Business Development and Strategy at Wizards of the Coast, says:

With Magic: ManaStrike, we were impressed with Netmarble’s ability to encapsulate Magic: The Gathering‘s 25-year history into a mobile game that stays true to what Magic fans want in other mediums. Seeing our cards and Planeswalkers stepping into the 3D battlefield, along with our card effects translated from strategic turn-based gameplay into real-time combat, is a delight to see and we can’t wait to see how Magic: ManaStrike develops over time.

Events and awards offered in the game include:
Seven Days Check-In Event: Gold, Gems, and Card Packs will be given to players for seven days

  • New Planeswalkers

o   Ob Nixilis: Players can achieve this Planeswalker through Magic Pass upgrade
o   Calix: Available for purchase regardless of Magic Pass

  • An all-new Gideon skin
  • Theros-Themed Map: In celebration of Magic: The Gathering’s new Theros Beyond Death expansion, an all-new Theros-themed map is available for players over Rank 5 to experience.

Don’t forget to download the app from the App Store or Google Play to get your hands on this new exciting game. Check out the official trailer below.


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