Review: ‘New Mutants’ #6 Brings A Krakoan Mission To A Tragic End

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Rod Reis

While their colleagues blasted into space a few issues ago, a small group of New Mutants found themselves in a more difficult position. It’s one with even more tragic consequences…

Ed Brisson, Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham, and Tom Muller explore what some of Krakoa’s advances mean for mutants that haven’t joined the island nation in New Mutants #6.

Things are desperate when Boom Boom is the cavalry. However, the longtime New Mutant and X-Forcer is exactly what Armor needs to save the lives of her team, as well as Beak and his family. Even that might not be enough though, when the drug dealers who have taken them hostage show to what terrible lengths they’re willing to go to get what they want.

Some readers have complained that this mini arc has only been filler, Brisson hits some important beats that are crucial to both the greater story of the X-Men’s new status quo as well as the emotional growth of its lead characters. He shows the personal cost of Krakoa’s massive changes on humble mutants who just want to be left alone, leading up to tragedy for Beak and Angel.

He also gives Armor, Glob and Boom Boom all much needed depth. These were interesting and well-rounded characters before, but he adds maturity and helps them grow, setting them up for important roles in the future.

Flaviano has a very cartoony style that provides for a great mix of comedy, pathos and action. He exaggerates figures during action scenes, using unusual point of view angles to heighten the tension. When the scenes call for more emotional weight, he pulls the camera in close on the characters, and plays it largely straight. Lopez uses mostly flat colors, which fits with Flaviano’s style, and helps convey the emotions of the scene.

Armor’s team has found their story at its end, and it helped them grow toward something more. It’ll be interesting to see where their journey takes them next.

New Mutants #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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