Review: ‘X-Force’ #6 Examines The World According To Hank McCoy

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Dustin Weaver & Edgar Delgado

Early in X-Force #6 Hank McCoy, the Beast, compares himself to the conductor of a lethal orchestra. However, he doesn’t realize some of the deeper connotations of that comparison, as the issue begins to show us.

Benjamin Percy, Stephen Segovia, Guru-eFx, Joe Caramagna, and Tom Muller examine some of the terrible consequences of Krakoa’s new global status.

As Beast reflects on everything that lead him to his leadership role, Krakoa tries to form an alliance with Terra Verde, one of the nations that has held out against the mutant nation’s sovereignty. They are soon horrified to discover why. Terra Verde has created a biotechnology that could not only rival Krakoa, but also prove to be the nation’s undoing!

Percy writes a tale that’s equal parts a character study of his leads, particularly Beast, as well as a condemnation of his hubris. Hank is portrayed as making the right decisions in the middle of a difficult situation, which is progress for him. It’s especially interesting that he never makes any decisions that are obviously wrong but that doesn’t mean that they’re without negative consequences. His hubris about those decisions are clearly meant to come back into play, as the last page sets up that the story of Terra Verde may not be over…

Segovia steps in for a guest spot in this issue, and his smooth style is a great fit for the book. He’s able to encapsulate the personalities of each member of the team in just a panel or two. Even though we know them- the majority are long-time X-Men mainstays- he shows Krakoa have changed them in small ways. His designs for the biotech monsters they face are fantastic and ready add to the urgency of the team’s missions.

X-Force has found its place as one of the Dawn of X’s best books, and it continues to show us why here. 

X-Force #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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