Art For Art’s Sake #38: Your Weekly Weekend Art Round-Up

by Richard Bruton

It’s time to take a spin around the comic art world with all the great things I’ve seen this week. New, old, well-known, obscure… all that matters is that it looks incredible. Welcome to Art For Art’s Sake
We shall open with a little bit of André Franquin – Original cover artwork for a Spirou magazine album, with Spirou, the Count of Champignac, Zorglub, Fantasio and the marsupilami. (Via Geritsel)

Steven Austin – ‘You may be familiar with some of my previous mash up commissions. Here’s the latest, an Eagle and 2000AD mash up, Doomlord vs Death!!’ – ‘Energise to Deathintegrate’.

John Welding – illustrating Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Robert HackRed Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica

Gemma Correll

Evan Dorkin – Finished Milk and Cheese x Kitaro and yokai friends commission.

Lyndon Webb – Judge Death

Amanda Conner variant cover for Invisible Woman #2

Kitty Pryde & Lockheed by Joel Jurion (Via Transmissions)

Dan Hipp

The Punisher – Daniel Warren Johnson

Green Lantern – Marcio Takara

Rufus Dayglo – art for the Brix & The Extricated album…

Marcos Martin variant cover for Marvel Team-Up #3

Poison Ivy – Mindy Lee

Original art for the Little Orphan Annie cartoon pitch (1992) – Alex Toth (Via Rodrigo Baeza)

And to end, our usual extended look at something special. This week, Simon Gane, an artist whose work is something I’ve always loved, beautifully detailed and so gorgeous. You can find more of his work here.
First a little fan art he did…
Hugo Pratt & Milo Manara’s Molly.

Manara’s Miele/Honey.

Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud’s Arzach.

Joann Sfar’s Aspirine

Miller’s Elektra

A copy of a Jacques Tardi panel from “Le Noyé à Deux Têtes” starring Adèle Blanc-Sec. It’s A3 on watercolour paper.

Inks from Gane’s own Ghost Tree…

Artwork for Burning Sky Brewery.

Bonnie Parker

Sketches from Malaga…


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