Super Sunday (Part 4) Previewing ‘Mechanismo: Machine Law’ The Ultimate Robo-Cop On The Streets Of MC-1

by Richard Bruton

It would be foolish of us here at HQ not to mark the day of our ‘Best of British’ without a look at some of the great work done by Rebellion and 2000AD. And so here’s one of two 2000AD preview we’;ve got to share with you this Sunday afternoon and ahead of the Super Bowl. First up is Mechanismo: Machine Law, written by John Wagner with art by John McCrea and Colin MacNeil. And, here’s our very own UK based Richard Bruton to give you a preview below.
The Mechanismo series is one that’s been playing out the pages of 2000AD and the Megazine for many years, but now the Mega-City Robo Cops are even more crucial to the future of the Justice Department.
The Mechanismo units, fully-functioning Judge robots, have gone through a lot since the Mark I units. And now, 20 years since the last Mech unit was on the streets, with Mega-City One still suffering greatly from a lack of Judges after the Day of Chaos, it’s time to roll out the new Mark-8 RV Mechanismo.
Responsive, resilient, empathetic, expendable, and still not trusted at all by Judge Dredd.
And of course, now it’s time to field test the new units, he’s just the Judge to assess Mech-Judge Harvey…

And in Machine Law, we get to see the next major twist in the Mech tale, with a new and surprising role for Judge Harvey.
But more than that, Machine Law is important as it sees a changing of the guard…

Yes, Chief-Judge Hershey steps aside for Chief Judge Logan, who has some very different ideas from Dredd when it comes down to the new Robo-Judges.
As with so much of what writer and Dredd co-creator John Wagner does with Dredd, he’s laying the groundwork here for the future of Dredd. Whilst it’s no mega-epic, it sometimes doesn’t take the disasters of Chaos Day to completely alter the status quo. And of course, with Dredd’s long-standing opposition to the Robo-Judges, it also gives Wagner chance to dig into Dredd’s ideas of what the law is, what he is. And damn, he does all of that so well.
All in all, Machine Law is a classic slice of Dredd, and perhaps one that sets the foundations for much that will come.


Mechanismo: Machine Law – written by John Wagner, art by John McCrea and Colin MacNeil, colors by Mike Spicer, Chris Blythe, letters by Annie Parkhouse.
Mechanismo: Machine Law is published by Rebellion and released on 5th March 2020.
Reprints Judge Dredd: Harvey from Prog 2024-2029 &  Judge Dredd: Machine Law from Prog 2115-2122.

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