Preview: A Warlord Reborn In ‘Young Justice’ #13 By Bendis, Walker, Oeming, Grell And Timms

by Olly MacNamee

Young Justice #13 could well be my comic book of the week after looking at the line-up of talent on this week’s new issue. Writer Brian Michael Bendis, not only introduces new co-writer David F. Walker to the gang but brings in Warlord co-creator, Mike Grell too as well as industry great, Michael Avon Oeming, and rising star John Timms. What’s not to love about this series that you really should be reading as we are re-introduced to Skataris and Warlord? Definitely one for us fanboys. Out Wednesday 5th February from DC’s imprint that keeps on impressing, Wonder Comics.

Another Wonder Comics extravaganza kicks off with Young Justice searching for Conner Kent as the teen Superboy find himself trapped in the mysterious world of Skartaris, the home of legendary DC character Warlord! Wonder Comics curator and Young Justice writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes writer David F. Walker to the team alongside rising-star artist John Timms!

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