Amunet Returns To Stir Up Marital Troubles For Barry And Iris On The Next Flash

by Erik Amaya

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) seem to be heading for a rough patch in their marriage now that the Crisis is a memory. But maybe their problems are coming from an external source. Like, say, Amunet (Katee Sackhoff), a woman who never lets well enough alone in Central City. Or is her return tied to Black Hole, the terrorist organization plaguing Team Citizen? Either way, it seems the West-Allens have a new foe to face: each other.

This week’s episode, however, suggests the Iris Barry will face next week is not his wife, but a distorted reflection of her cast by the new Mirror Master. Then again, it is possible her experience behind the mirror just unlocked some feelings she’s had since she first learned about the Crisis or in the wake of losing Nora.
Meanwhile, the episode felt like a return to form with Team Flash and Team Citizen rising to new challenges, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) losing his mind over the changes to continuity and Barry’s odd quest with John Diggle (David Ramsey). Of course, we’re worried about Cisco’s departure, but showrunner Eric Wallace has assured us both character and actor will matter in a big way later on in the season.
The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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