C2E2 2020: ‘Bloodshot’ Comes to Novels and C2E2

by Gary Catig

Valiant Entertainment takes the plunge onto the big screen this March when Bloodshot hits cinemas. As common with theatrical releases, there will be a literary version as well. The comic publisher has teamed up with Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Titan Books to develop Bloodshot: The Official Movie Novelization, which is written by Gavin Smith. A description can be found below:

After he and his wife are murdered, Marine Ray Garrison is resurrected by a secret team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine – “Bloodshot” – without any memory of his previous life.
But some things can’t stay buried, and Ray refuses to back down when his memories begin to surface. Haunted by the face of his family’s killer, he will stop at nothing to take his revenge and discovers a conspiracy going deeper than he could have possibly imagined…

Also, included is an exclusive short story entitled, ‘Into the Fire’. You can purchase Bloodshot: The Official Movie Novelization right now either digitally or in hard copy right now for $8.99.

If the novel wasn’t enough, you can get more Bloodshot at this year’s C2E2 by way of the panel, “Bloodshot 101: From Comic Book Origin to Feature Film!” In attendance will be series writer, Tim Seeley, Valiant Marketing Manager Gregg Katzman, Valiant Senior Sales Manager John Petrie and moderator, Kiel Phegley.
At the panel, attendees will receive a first-look at upcoming Bloodshot comics, a sneak peek at unannounced titles, and a collectible item that fans can get only at the panel! It will be held on February 29, in room S504 from 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm. Also, during the show, if you happen to see Gregg or John on the floor and you’re wearing Valiant apparel, they might have a gift for you.
C2E2 is held in Chicago and will run from February 28th to March 1nd.

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