The Butterfly Soars In ‘Fallen Angels #6’

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Psylocke unites her team of X-23, Cable, Bling!, and Husk to bring down the Apoth, a godlike artificial intelligence spreading through a new and highly addictive designer drug. Psylocke leaves her team to hold of Apoth’s slaves and to protect the innocents while she goes to face Apoth alone. Kwannon knows that the only way to stop Apoth is in his own realm, so she puts on his device and faces the god where he is most powerful.

Fallen Angels #6 cover by Ashley Witter
Fallen Angels #6 cover by Ashley Witter

Fallen Angels #6 brings the short-lived X-series to a bombastic and resonant end. We see Psylocke’s team of broken and disparate mutants come together to stop a new mechanical god from taking control in our world and threatening both mutant and humankind.
It’s also the conclusion of Psylocke’s journey of self-discovery. She comes to terms with who and what she is and how she can be of benefit to her allies and the world. She was once a killer and she only knows how to raise more killers. She doesn’t want to corrupt the X-Men around her, but she can still use her skills and abilities to benefit them. It’s not the most heartwarming or happy of character conclusions, but it brings Kwannon a measure of peace. 
The showdown with Apoth is surprisingly simple. The creature uses all forms of manipulation to try and pacify Psylocke, but it doesn’t actually put up that much physical resistance to Kwannon’s attack. 
The bond that Kwannon grows with Laura is quite endearing and we get a final appearance of Mister Sinister in which he and Psylocke establish terms.
There is the appearance of an “opposite” to Apoth near the end of the book and that scene proves quite vexing and concludes without much explanation.
Fallen Angels #6 art by Szymon Kudranski, Frank D'Armata, and letterer VC's Joe Sabino
Fallen Angels #6 art by Szymon Kudranski, Frank D’Armata, and letterer VC’s Joe Sabino

Szymon Kudranski finishes out the series and his style does suit the tone of Fallen Angels quite well. The shadowing sets quite a mood and his detail work is impressive. The book does fall into the uncanny valley at times, the abundance shadow makes some scenes a little hard to follow, and the framing often feels a bit claustrophobic. Regardless, this book still looks quite striking most of the time and Kudranski was an excellent choice for the book. Frank D’Armata backs up Kudranski with a gloomy and grim color palette well-suited to Kwannon and her team.
Fallen Angels #6 brings the series to an exciting and, at times, even touching close. We get to see the end of Psylocke’s emotional journey and she even manages to find a friend in Laura Kinney, aka X-23. Apoth proves an interesting if somewhat anticlimactic villain and Kudranski and D’Armata put in some impressive visual work. Needless to say, this one gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Fallen Angels #6 comes to us from writer Bryan Hill, artist Szymon Kudranski, color artist Frank D’Armata, letterer VC’s Joe Sabino, cover artist Ashley Witter, and variant cover artist Junggeon Yoon.
Final Score: 8/10

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