Bad Idea By Name, Bad Idea By Nature? You Decide When You’ve Read Their Surprising Business Model

by Olly MacNamee


We were given a teaser yesterday and now we’ve got the full-fat press release that reveals what new comic book publishers, Bad Idea, will be releasing onto comicdom’s fans.
Debuting their first title in May 2020 (Eniac by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite) – and only sticking to publishing one or two series at a time –  we are promised that these floppies will not be released digitally, nor will they be collected in trade paperbacks or even in hardcover, meaning that Bad Idea really, really want you not only to go out and buy physical copies of comics but in doing so also support your local comic book stores. Furthermore, with the market being so busy these days, it makes sense to take it slow and focus on quality over quantity and hopefully gain support from good press and word of mouth.

An advance look at Lewis LaRosa’s cover art to MEGALITH #1 – coming soon from BAD IDEA

But, why the name Bad Idea when all of the above sounds like a good idea?
Well, that’s not their only pledge to comic book readers and potential customers. It would seem that these comics will only be available at “20 handpicked comic book shops” making this, in my opinion, one of the most divisive business decisions I’ve ever heard of. I mean, what are the hundreds and hundreds of comic book stores meant to think the they don’t make the cut? Would you be willing to them give Bad Idea your future business when they finally deem it okay to let other stores sell their wares? Rather elitist if you ask me and guaranteed to annoy a lot of people; business owners and fans alike. Furthermore, by the end of 2020 they only expect to be selling through 50 retailers! To me that feels like a huge “F*** you” to everyone else who aren’t living anywhere near these stores.
Frankly, having read this last pledge, and  after getting pumped up for some of the creators involved, only to be told I won’t be able to buy any for a good while yet, this press release has left something fo a sour taste in my mouth. A taste it’ll be hard to get rid of when, eventually, my LCBS is deemed suitable to sell their books. AIf ever. And even then, only if these stores follow specific rules about how to sell, promoter and display these books. Nit a good look for a new comic book company, I’m afraid.
So, as a fan, but also as one of the Senior Editors here at, do I do my duty and continue to report the news – even though it’ll only be appropriate to anyone living near enough to one of the 20 stores – or do I boycott Bad Idea now because they’ve already decided I won’t be good enough to buy their books? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this one, readers.
Is this, then, a ‘Hello,’ and a ‘Goodbye’ to Bad Idea already, who really are already living up their name?

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