Best Of British: Jules Scheele Is ‘Sleepless’ – A Treatise Of Honesty, Openness, Truth, And Strength

by Richard Bruton

I have loved Jules Scheele‘s work for so many years. I’ve written about it for so many years. Yet it strikes me that I’ve never shared it with you, oh lovely readers of Well, here’s where that changes. Sleepless by Scheele, perfect comics, beautiful comics…
Sleepless is a collection of Scheele’s diary comics from January 2019 to September 2019. Which means I’m way, way late telling you about this one. Apologies. It also implies that this is something light, something simple. It’s not. It’s very much not.
This is the very essence of an artist getting in their head and putting it all down there on the page. Sleepless is the artist giving it their all, baring all, and it’s brave, it’s honest, it’s rare, and above all else, it’s quite beautifully magnificent.

In here you’ll find Jules sharing a moment in their life where they decided to open up. Completely.
Whether it’s their PTSD, their non-binary nature, their transmasculinity, and so much more, all here on the pages of Sleepless.
Inside, Jules delivers a work that’s both fractured and connected, full of insight yet also a mind that’s just putting anything, everything on the page as it occurs to them. But in that random issuing of thoughts to the page, a narrative comes forth. And it’s a narrative of finding oneself, of gaining strength, agency, power in saying who they are.

Inside Sleepless, Jules Scheele opens themself up to questions, but more than that, they open themselves up to us, to see what they’ve gone through, to see where they’re going, to see where they’ve been, and to show us that life and our very being is a process that just keeps happening to us all, day after day.
And they do it with a series of pages of glorious artwork, black and white, simple, effective, powerful, emotive stuff. Like I say, I’ve loved Jules Scheele’s work for years, but this is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible stuff, the very best of British. (Even though, thanks to Brexit, Jules, a German native by birth, finds themselves a foreigner in a country they’ve made their own for pretty much their entire life.)

But politics aside, Jules Scheele makes great comics. And as such, they are more than welcome in my Best of British, because my Best of British includes everyone, it’s never a thing of boundaries or passports. And in that, Jules Scheele more than qualifies.
You can find Jules Scheele’s work at Go there, buy the books, make commissions, love that artwork. Best of British indeed.

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