Review: ‘Going To The Chapel #4’ Delivers A Wedding You Won’t Forget

by James Ferguson

Weddings are supposed to be joyous experiences, right? Things were awkward enough for Emily when her ex showed up, but they got worse when he tried to rob the place with the rest of his gang. This played on her existing doubts and she yearned for one last adventure before tying the knot. As Going to the Chapel reaches its conclusion, will she go with the criminal or the good guy?

Talk about keeping you on your toes. You never know what to expect in Going to the Chapel. Every time you think you know where it’s going, writer David Pepose pulls the rug out from under you. It’s a great case of misdirection that will always keep you guessing. A heist story has so many integral parts to it from the plan and the execution to the missteps and the getaway. So does this one stick the landing?
The short answer is, sort of. There are some unexpected twists and turns and we reach a satisfying end to this story, however it didn’t totally work for me. There are some elements that felt a little off or rushed, like connections that were made more out of convenience than for the story. Also, everyone seems pretty okay about all the crazy stuff that went down here. You’d think with all the revelations and shocks we’ve had along the way that some folks would be just a bit more angry.

What really cements the characters’ final decision comes in a pretty sweet moment of complete openness and honesty. It breaks down any and all barriers and destroys any doubts or fears that have crept up during this book. While this is adorable, it again, feels like something that would have come up earlier in the lives of these people and not something only to be revealed at this crucial cinematic moment.
Artist Gavin Guidry excels with the character work in Going to the Chapel #4, showcasing emotive people that shine on every page. You get an immediate sense of someone’s personality based on how Guidry draws them. This also informs their tone and speech. I found myself reading the dialogue in specific voices based on their facial expressions.

Letterer Ariana Maher adds some nice touches here too, such as during the emotional climax of the story. These help further develop the characters’ voices and differentiate them in your mind as you read the comic.
Since Going to the Chapel takes place in the desert, it’s no surprise that things are so bright. Colorist Liz Kramer makes you feel the heat of not only the location, but the tension of the heist as well. It creates a heart-pounding experience as you dig further into the story, wondering where it’s going to go next.

Going to the Chapel certainly delivered the liveliest wedding of the year. It certainly sets a high bar for future nuptials, although I hope that no one tries to mimic this. Although the final details didn’t quite come together for me, this was a pretty fun experience full of twists and turns. Since this final issue was delayed, I would probably benefit from another read through to catch some details I could have missed.
Going to the Chapel #4 from Action Lab: Danger Zone is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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