A Warrior Truly Alone: ‘Crone #4’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Bloody Bliss reminisces on her final drink shared with Vor the Lion and Gaspar Rogue after their defeat of D’Kayde. Back then, she still thought she had a long and happy life ahead of her with Ella, but Vor wanted one last chance to make Bliss his queen by defeating her in single combat. Bliss’ patience had run out and she told Vor that she will never be his. In the present, Vor brings Gaspar and Bliss to the Broken Keep to torture. He tells Bliss how he became D’Kayde and Bliss learns that Gaspar knew far more than he initially let on.

Crone #4 cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson
Crone #4 cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson

Crone #4 brings the great Bloody Bliss even lower than before. She’s learned that one of her oldest friends has taken on the mantle of the villainous D’Kayde and she has learned how she helped this come to happen.
It is a rough tale and we learn just how far Vor had slipped into madness by the end of his adventures with Gaspar and Bliss. He believed himself the rightful heir to a lost kingdom. Whether or not this is true, he found a heritage to which he could assign himself. He killed many innocents to even get to that point.
Gaspar comes out looking a bit worse in this issue. He seems to have intended to give Bliss to Vor, but he may have also believed she was the only one who could stop him.
We also get another chapter in the tale of Ella and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.
Crone #4 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau
Crone #4 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau

Justin Greenwood puts in more stellar work on the visuals of Crone. Every scene is dripping with personality, emotion, and sorrow. Vor goes from Conan-esque barbarian warrior to aged and murderous madman in a short series of panels. Bliss goes from defiant if hopeless survivor to a woman truly broken. Brad Simpson’s color art bolsters these visuals with a vibrant palette which properly allots its colder and warmer shades.
Crone #4 is a heartbreaking installment for Bloody Bliss. She learns that her friends and her world have truly fallen apart and she will never be able to return to the worlds she once had…whether it be the arms of a lover or in the embrace of a frozen mountain. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Give it a read.
Crone #4 comes to us from writer Dennis Culver, artist Justin Greenwood, color artist Brad Simpson, letterer Pat Brosseau, and cover artist Justin Greenwood with Brad Simpson.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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