Black Lightning Prepared To Defend Freeland In A Preview Of The Next Episode

by Erik Amaya

Black Lighting is taking a couple of weeks off for the customary February hiatus. But when it returns, the Pierce family is finally reunited under one goal: defending Freeland from the Markovian incursion. And with a team of outsiders in his command, it seems Jefferson (Cress Williams) will finally be able to deal with the external threat. But will internal enemies continue to rip Freeland apart?

And, once again, Jefferson and Lynn (Christine Adams) are reunited. But we can’t help but feel their on-again, off-again relationship strains credibility. When we visited the set in November, Adams said their tumultuous status comes from the needs of drama. Their love needs to be tested. We just hope it happens in a more compelling fashion — like Lynn actually dealing with her addiction and not just accidentally creating the H-Dial.
Meanwhile, we’ll be happy to see Markovia off the board for awhile once this new book — and the season — ends. With Lady Eve (Jill Scott), Lala (William Catlett) and other threats still lurking about, we’ll be happy to see Black Lightning confront some more homegrown problems.
Black Lightning returns February 24th on The CW.

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